LibertyVoIP X4U Business VoIP Phone - High Quality with 12 SIP Lines = 12 Separate Telephone Numbers

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  • Power over the Ethernet, if a PoE switch is used these units are self powered

  • Twelve SIP Phone Lines, connect 4 individual phone numbers to this phone

  • 3 Line Keys on the Main Display

  • Dual Colour Screens

  • 10/100/1000 Gigabyte connection with spare port for your PC etc

  • 30 DSS Keys - see the status of your colleagues no matter where they are in the World !

  • Hi-Fi Quality handset, these really are the very best

  • Wired headset Port

  • Supports EHS Bluetooth Headsets

  • 2.8" Main Colour Screen

  • 2.4" Secondary Colour Screen, enter your colleagues name and extension number here

  • Fully Programmed to a Portel 'Liberty' Cloud or Office Server, ready to go out of the box

  • 1000 Number local Directory...just how many people do you know ?!

  • Supports Bluetooth headset operation via a separate BT2 Dongle plugged into the phones USB Port

  • 3-Way Conference Calls in-built to the phone

Remember if this is a home-working phone you will need to purchase the separate power supply.

If you wish to use a Bluetooth headset ensure it comes with a BT2 Dongle




Fanvil X4U Front

  • Fanvil X4U RHS
  • Fanvil X4U Front
  • Fanvil X4U LHS

More Information

The LibertyVoIP X4U VoIP Business Phone is a feature-rich SIP handset aimed at the Business and Home-Office Market.

This Twelve-Line IP Phone has been designed for ease of use with 10/100/1000 Mbps network ports and integrated PoE, ideal for extended network use where you need use a PC on the same CAT5 outlet, plug the phone into the CAT5 and the computer into the phone, job done !.

These Hi-Fi handsets deliver a superb sound quality plus the screens give a feature rich visual experience.

Three Line keys next to the main screen for your most important phone lines or colleagues

The second DSS colour screen supports up to 30 DSS keys which improve work efficiency. Using standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades. But don't worry all of that is looked after by Portel's support staff !.