Maxwell Basic. A real 'grunt' phone great for hammering out those telecanvassing calls all day, every day, they go on for ever !

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We like this phone, a good solid, workaday workhorse that wont let you down without a fight !

Portel have made hundreds of phone calls using this product all without incident - a real winner in the workplace and the colour fits in nicely with most office desk furniture.

We like the fact it has three different angles of use plus the ability to be wall mounted making it an ideal 'anywhere / everywhere handset giving many years of trouble free service.

Maxwell Basic handset in desk standing position

  • Maxwell Basic handset in desk standing position

More Information

Maxwell Basic VoIP Telephone

The Maxwell Basic is equipped with a four-line, black on white display and Navigation keys to easily guide the user through the phone's settings.

The Maxwell Basic has ten pre-defined function keys offering users quick access to common useful features, allowing for quick call handling. Despite being the entry-level model within Gigaset's Maxwell series this phone offers users the benefit of Gigabit pass-through as standard.

The Maxwell Basic stand has a choice of three angled positions plus it can be wall mounted, making it an ideal choice for multiple different locations and business scenarios such as school corridors, warehouse walls by the doors and delivery area's.  

Even this basic handset has a clear LCD screen allowing users to see who is calling them before taking the call.