VT 9500 Bluetooth Duo Headset

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  • Fantastic Alice-banded Headset ideal for use in noisy area's and Call Centres

  • Works with many of the Fanvil and Yealink Business VoIP phone range.

  • Walk and talk all at the same time, wear out the carpet, move about !

  • Touch-type with both hands, stop getting neck cramp from holding a phone handset !

VT 9500 BT Mono

  • VT 9500 BT Mono

More Information

  • The VT 9500 BT Duo is an affordable bluetooth headset, it's a more cost effective than other bluetooth headsets. 
  • The VT 9500 Bluetooth Duo is compatible with many bluetooth enabled VoIP phones, like the Fanvil X5 and X6 family of Business VoIP Phones
  •  Compatible with a bluetooth enabled PC. 
  • The VT 9500 Bluetooth Duo has a long 500 hour battery life with up to 21 hours of talk time
  • The VT 9500 Bluetooth Duo recharges to full in less than 3.5 hours