It seems Portel have come full circle having started off back in 1981 supplying two-way radio to the Construction Industry now, due to repeated enquiries, we provide and maintain a range of radio's for Schools, Business, Construction and Security all at low prices compared with £600.00 per handset back in the 80's. This new range are less than a tenth of the price, starting at just £59.96 complete with rechargeable battery, sit in charger (USB or Mains) belt clip and hand lanyard as standard.  We also offer over ear headset with inline bud microphone or a full curly corded handheld microphone again complete with body clip.

Our own installation engineers have been using these units as they are robust and easy to program

                                      two hand-held radio's

Handsets are programmed for 0.5 Watt or 5 Watt output. All may be used for free on the regulated frequencies reserved for point to point communication by businesses.  For a more secure method of communication we also offer digital transmission handsets, price on application.