Setting up at Home using VoIP, two flavours Wired or Cordless

Wired VoIP Handset


Wired Desk Phone                                                     

1. Receive phone from Portel in the post (Hermes usually)

2.  Plug the supplied mains transformer into the phone and power up

3. Plug the supplied CAT5 lead into the phone and into your home Broadband router

4. Email your external IP address to Portel (, we will switch your phone on

5. The phone will burst into life


Outbound calls will have your office number on them or a new number if you purchased one along with the phone

Dont forget to order a mains plug with your phone as it's a separate item !!!


Cordless DECT VoIP phone  

Cordless Phone

1 Receive the phone from Portel (usually delivered via Hermes to be signed for)

2 Plug the base unit into the mains

3 Plug the supplied CAT5 lead into the phone base and your home Broadband router

4 Assemble the handsets charger and put the phone onto charge, it can be anywhere in the house so long as you have mains to charge it.

5 Email your external IP address to Portel, we will switch your phone on

6 The handset will start to work, if you have four or five handsets each may have its own extension number and even outside phone number, arrange this when ordering.

Nobody needs to visit your home apart from the delivery driver, call our offices to discuss your requirements, buy using a debit card off the web site and everything will arrive pre-configured ready for use plus you can call a qualified engineer to help with the set up.

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