When we get hacked ?? yes, you will be surprised to discover that a hacker is interested in your business, especially your data which once encrypted will produce a ransom, anything from a few thousand pounds up to hundreds of thousands plus the potential of a fine of up to £100,00.00 from the Information Commissioners Office and appearing on a list of Companies they have fined for leaky data security.

Our quick tips are:

Change passwords to something better than your child’s name and date of birth, ideally a couple of words and some numbers, maybe the time right now, just make it easy for you to remember but hard for the hackers to discover.

Do the updates to your computer and phone operating systems as they come out, they are produced for a reason, someone’s may have been hacked and the OS people are plugging a gap.

Back up everything every day and take it off site, this is mission critical, if you do nothing else back up.

Produce a ‘So we’ve been hacked’ what to do list, ensure everyone including the factory cat knows what to do and where this check list is located.

·        Unplug the Broadband router, just power it down, if you have more than one Broadband ensure you show everyone how to kill them.

·        Crash all the computers and laptops, basically pull the plug on everything, their operating systems can take this, and you may save a machine from infection

·        Explain to everyone about opening attachments even from what you think are safe email addresses, receiving an email from your supplier Jim Bob from jim.bob@hotwaxsystems.co.uk is different from jim.bob@hotwaxsystems.uk it looks about right but double check, if in doubt delete it, if Jim really wants to talk to you he will pick up the phone, just like we used to do in olden days !.

·        Get your IT people involved the second you suspect something has happened, they will switch things back on after scanning disks etc. Ensure you have the backup disks available for your IT support staff to reload everything once they have cleaned the network.

From May 2018 by Law you then have 72 hours to report the breach to the Information Commissioners Office and they will decide your fine, the more you did before the breach the smaller the butchers bill.

It may cost a few hundred pounds to protect the business, it's a whole lot better than ten, twenty or more thousand pounds in bitcoin ransom payments and ICO fines. If you need help ask someone you know, call me, call anyone but do something as this is not going away its going to be Law from May 2018.