When Portel (Reality Communications Limited) started off installing phone systems back in 1981 they were little more than a device to take and make phone calls.

Along came Plessey (really Nitsuko) with a telephone with lights so you could see who else was on the phone, outstanding !!. 

We’ve just finished programming one of our new range VoIP phone systems, the handsets being wired, cordless and virtual, that’s a VoIP phone displayed on the users mobile phone. 

Our latest flavour of VoIP allows users to set up video conferences, our test was a PC, 12.9” IPad and a Samsung mobile. All three users could see each other, the one speaking automatically switched the other two users so they could see him talking, anyone asking a question made screens flipped full screen to them. The IPad user was wearing Beats 3 headphones with full voice connection and the Samsung user a Voyager Legend headset whilst the PC user just used the in-built camera and microphone.

Everything was running over standard broadband or 4G services as the Samsung user was in a car (at the side of the road not driving !) and the IPad user was in a kitchen somewhere, only the PC user was in his office.

Cost of the call = absolutely nothing, cost of the software also nothing.

Next time you moan about how much you need to earn to pay rental for phone lines think of how your competitors are running their businesses, maybe then you will think about a’changin to what the rest of the world think of as the norm !