Due to current conditions you have to work from home, there’s a few options ranging from a quick ‘fix’ to using this as a great time to sort all your business telephony all in go.


Quick Fix

You have a traditional office phone system, it’s perfectly okay for what you need apart from no seamless home working.  You could have customers phone your mobile, you call customers via your home or mobile phone.  It’s not a great solution, doesn’t look very professional plus not everyone wants to give out their mobile or home number. Fitting a VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) telephone at home (plugs into your existing home broadband router) allows staff to transfer calls to you which you can transfer back to the office or other home working members of staff. When dialling out the VoIP phones give out the office phone number to your customers, they don’t know you are away from the office.  Calls could be permanently diverted from your office phones to the home VoIP handset if the office has to completely close, (need star service for this) you can have everyone working from home using VoIP handsets allowing all staff to take, make and transfer callers or set up conference calls as if they were in the office. It’s not that difficult (for Portel) to set this up at quite short notice.


Moving the office phone system over to VoIP

The quick fix is half-way there, all that needs to happen is for Portel to add a Broadband for new telephones in your office, install VoIP handsets then move your existing business phone number(s) onto our network, that’s about it, for a small 10 to 20 extension office it takes about a day to achieve. If the business is spread over more than one office plus new home workers, it takes a day per site to convert.


Moving an existing ISDN phone system over to VoIP

Most assume they need to dump their existing Avaya, Siemens, Panasonic etc phone system as ISDN is being ceased but this is not always the case, it may be less expensive to upgrade existing ISDN lines to VoIP, all that happens is Portel plug a little box from a new (Portel supplied) Broadband into the existing phone system, it plugs in where the existing ISDN lines went so all the old hardware, wiring, phones etc still work…it just costs a whole lot less to rent one new broadband as it does renting multiple ISDN lines !.


So that’s about it, quick fix home working needs the following:


1 x Donor number supplied by Portel, used to transfer calls to you or to divert to

1 x VoIP phone supplied by Portel, either wired or cordless


The kit arrives in the post, plug it in, call our office and we switch it on. Calls are billed at a penny per minute to 01,02 & 03 numbers, billing is by Direct Debit monthly in arrears


If you are looking to replace the phone system or dump your ISDN lines please call me for a chat first, a qualified engineer will come visit we don’t hide behind the internet !!.



Useful Links


Standard VoIP Desk Phone:           http://www.portelav.co.uk/voip-telephones/fanvil-x3sp.html

Home based Receptionist Phone:   http://www.portelav.co.uk/voip-telephones/liberty-x5s.html

Home VoIP Cordless Phone:          http://www.portelav.co.uk/voip-telephones/liberty-cordless-voip-handset-and-base.html


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