STD Codes

The number will be allocated by Portel AV Limited - Telephone Time must be purchased to complete the number request

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Any code you want from the UK and Northern Ireland - we also provide International numbers so if you live in Florida think about having a UK and US number for 'local' calls from either location, how good is that ! Once you pick an STD code you can go back into the product and purchase additional codes. How it Works: You pick the STD code and Portel will order up a number from that area. For example ordering an 0161 number will trigger Portel to provide a Manchester number. Please use the 'order comment' box after check out to enter in anything we may need to know. For instance "Please attach the 01422 number to 0793412121" or "Point our new number at the first three extension phones but leave the other two out of the ring group". If in doubt please email or call 0330 0883 750 we are here to help. Important Note: If you are buying a 'land-line' number to attach to your mobile phone you must fill in the 'order comment' box after check out letting our programmers know the 07 number you want calls diverting to. If in doubt please email or call lo-call 0330 0883 750 and speak with a qualified engineer, we love to chat so do call !