Maxwell 3 Operator Console 'Sidecar' Connectss to the Phone showing the status of 30 users via Green & Red LEDs !! - Fit more than one, see more users !!

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Thirty user Status, Sixty if two units are used

Power over the Ethernet, if a PoE switch is used these units are self powered

Works with the Maxwell 3 VoIP handsets

Works with the Maxwell even when in Bluetooth mode

Dual colour keys

All fixings required to make this item work are in the box

Can be pre-programmed for you if purchasing an Maxwell phone from Portel with this item

Maxwell BLF for Maxwell 3 VoIP Handset

  • Maxwell BLF for Maxwell 3 VoIP Handset

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Maxwell 3 Operator Console

Fantastic addition for any receptionist working in a busy office or a Virtual receptionist working from home. See the status of up to 30 other users (or 60 if two units are used) Busy, Available or even when their phones are ringing