Cisco SPA525G - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & PoE Huge Colour Screen, Call Recording, USB Music Player. Power it up, logon to Wi-Fi and start working!. Use it in your RV or Caravan via 4G !!

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  • Colour Screen

  • Wi-Fi - does not need a structured cable connection (requires a mains transformer when non PoE)

  • Bluetooth - works fine with the Plantronics Voyager headset range (thats what Portel staff use)

  • Power over Ethernet - if its plugged into the structured cabling then it can be powered via a PoE switch

  • Spare line keys may be used as Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys to see the status of key personnel

  • Works with the 30 key Cisco BLF units, up to two may be fitted to each 525 handset, all powered via PoE

  • Handsfree

  • Up to five separate lines

  • High quality manufacture, as expected from the lads at Cisco

  • High quality audio

  • Mute feature via a hard key

  • Headset operation via a hard key

  • Call recording via a USB plugged into the top of the phone, switch on & off via a soft key below the screen

  • Play your own music via the USB port

  • Personal Directory

  • Visual indication of mail waitng to be listened to

  • Missed call list

Cisco SPA525G

  • Cisco SPA525G
  • Cisco SPA525G shown with optional BLF Unit & Plantronics Voyager Headset

More Information

The Cisco SPA525G2

A superior 5-Line IP Phone with Colour Display is an excellent choice for businesses that require an enhanced user experience with a hosted IP telephony service or an IP private branch exchange deployment.

The SPA-525G2 uses industry-leading voice over IP (VoIP) technology High-quality hardware providing additional connectivity via Bluetooth, PoE (802.3af), or a Wireless-G client (802.11g).

The Cisco SPA525G2 IP phone can easily grow with your business.

New features can be added to the phone over time via firmware updates.

New staff or employees who need to move to another location can simply plug in their pre-configured phones anywhere on the Liberty network, and the Liberty system will recognise the change.

Our opinion of this phone: Its one of the best VoIP phones available in the market place today, not an inexpensive item but one that's well worth considering to grace your desk, they are just so versatile, all our tech support guys use these