Liberty Broadband Load Balancer

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Broadband Load Balance System for VoIP Systems

Up to three incoming Broadbands

One output

Balance between Computer network and VoIP telephone infrastucture

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Broadband Balancer

The Yorkshire manufactured Liberty Load Balancer accepts up to three Broadband Services producing one output. If you have three 10 Mb/s download speed broadband's the Load Balancer unit will produce a 30 Mb/s output. 

adjustable producing a fixed bandwidth between the VoIP telephones and Computers, your phones never suffer 'skinny bandwidth'.

For instance you may reserve 18 Mb/s just for voice communication (UDP) leaving the remainder for the computer network (TCP).

eliminate call break up when a PC begins to download a large file whilst someone is using their VoIP telephone. Portel AV Limited produce these systems in many formats (and for many other resellers).

Our standard unit comes in the basic 'two-in, one-out' format. Each system is built to order, free standing or rack mountable (please specify), posted out to site including a full 30 days remote support allowing our technicians to help set up your system. If you would like to speak to our design engineers before purchase please call lo-call 0330 0883 750