16 Channel Two-Way Radio Ideal for Schools, Building Sites or Security Staff

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  • Rechargeable

  • Lightweight

  • 16 Channels allows for Grouping of users

  • Radio's can be programmed with separate channels exclusive to 2 users

  • Low Cost

  • No Rental

  • Unlimited users

  • Ideal for classrooms.

  • Programmable Emergency channel

  • Integrate's with existing UHF Radio's

Actual size of handset

  • Charging view of two handsets
  • Actual size of handset
  • Three-way view of handset

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               Compete 16 Channel CTCSS Walkie Talkie Radio

* CTCSS ensure your radio's only open up with the correct tone

* Rechargeable Battery

* Stand in Charger

* Optional 2nd battery in charger for hot-swap

* Works on the PMR UHF frequencies

* Voice Controlled, tells user which channel they have selected

* Plugs into a USB to charge, charge in-car or in office off PC spare port

* Includes full programming

* 12 Months warrantly with back up from our qualified radio engineers

* On-site support 

* Optional Fist Mic

* Optional over-ear headset

* Optional Bluetooth headset